Utah State Senator, District 19
Today is October 19, 2017


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Delegates need the truth to make an educated choice. This page is reserved to set the record straight on the half-truths and misleading attacks that always taint contested elections. YOU can help by helping people know where I really stand. If you hear of an attack that is not listed here, just give me a call and I'll tell you where I really am on the issue.

The first issue is so obvious I shouldn't even have to address it, but it's out there, so . . .

The Sales Tax on Food. My opponent paints an inaccurate picture about Utah's sales tax on food and my stance in that discussion. A majority of our senators - Republican or otherwise - did NOT vote to remove the sales tax on food. We did vote to cut it drastically as part of a historic tax and tax reform package. We may cut it more or eliminate it altogether and we will do it in a wise, sensible way that does not introduce volatility into the state's revenue stream.

Don't be fooled. Utah is consistently recognized as one of the best fiscally-managed states in the nation. We didn't get there by accident, and it takes prudent, level-headed, conservative policymaking to keep it that way.




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